• Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024
Lululemon CEO defends his decision to fire employees to chase down thieves

Lululemon’s CEO Stands By Decision to Lay off Employees

Calvin McDonald, the CEO of Lululemon, fired two staff members for chasing shoplifters out of a store and stated that he stands by his action. He denied that the employees were dismissed because the incident was reported to the authorities.

Speaking CNBC During a show, he said, “We have a zero-tolerance policy that trains our teachers when it comes to theft. Lululemon calls its store workers ‘teachers.'”

“Why? We put the safety of our team and guests front and center. It’s just the commodity at the end; they’re trained to step back, let the theft happen, understand that the technology and cameras are there and we work with law enforcement.”

“Unfortunately, in this case, the teachers knowingly violated policy and engaged with the shoplifters at multiple points—including following them out of the store, knowing full well that the post-investigation, zero-tolerance policy—resulted in termination.”

“We train them to back off. It’s about their safety and we take that policy seriously because we’ve had incidents — we’ve seen incidents from other retailers — where employees get involved and get injured or worse, killed.” He said.

Lululemon calls its employees “educators.”

Last month, two female employees, one of whom was an assistant manager at trendy athleisure brand Lululemon, were fired for their involvement in a shoplifting incident. The incident took place at a Lululemon store in Atlanta, where masked robbers were caught on camera taking merchandise from storefront displays.

However, the decision has sparked an uproar online from those who believe the employees were treated unfairly and deserve better treatment.

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