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A weird office rule goes viral

A weird office rule goes viral

The company wants employees to eat only vegetarian food.

A job seeker tries to fulfill all the requirements that the employer asks from the applicant, which are usually the candidate’s skills and other formal requirements and testimonials, but a strange requirement of a company goes viral on social media.

The company asked the employee to confirm that only vegetarian food is eaten in the office premises.

The applicant shared part of the email online, writing: “Applied for a job and got this in an email. Can they force this on me or not hire me based on this?”

The reply read, “Thank you for your application. To help us shortlist, please answer the following question:

“Our workplaces are strictly vegan. You don’t have to go vegan off of work, but you do need to bring a vegan lunch and eat or have lunch on site. Can you confirm you’re okay? Eh?”

Applied for a job and got this in an email. Can they really force this on me or not hire based on this??
Way u/Reezeyyy Inn Mild irritation

The applicant’s post on Reddit received a significant response from social media users, most of whom were critical of the unusual demand from the company.

“There’s a vegan market here where the employees have the exact same rules. They don’t want any kind of contamination from your lunch,” commented one user.

“Once I applied to a similar restaurant. They said I can have non-vegan meals outside somewhere away or at home, but banned on site,” another user wrote.

One of the social media users wrote in the comment section that this job application is for a dog rescue center.

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