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Shocking video of child hanging from government truck in Dominican Republic

Shocking video of child hanging from government truck in Dominican Republic

A woman inside the truck appears to stop the boy from falling.

A shocking video has emerged of a toddler hanging from a government truck in the Dominican Republic. according to CNN, the child was hanging from the arms of a woman who was detained in the municipality of Santo Domingo on Saturday. The vehicle was an immigration control truck used by local authorities to transport detainees. The toddler dangles precariously from the back of the truck, and the woman inside the vehicle appears to be keeping him from falling.

The woman’s hands reached through the bars of the door.

The clip shows a crowd gathering around the truck in one area. As it begins to move, the boy in the red t-shirt and lower shirt is clearly visible.

A man, according to was an immigration agent CNN, sitting in the back of the truck, next to the boy. He reached out a hand and placed it on the boy’s shoulder.

In a statement, the country’s migration director, Venancio Alcantara, described the incident as “disturbing and heartbreaking.”

CNN The Caribbean nation’s immigration agency cited the officer in the video as saying he had been on the job for just 20 days.

The agency also said that the woman, who was seen trying to stop the child from falling down, was released after the agents got the information.

according to International Organization for Migration (IOM), a UN agency, states that the Dominican Republic has the largest foreign-born population in the Caribbean. According to the World Bank, there were 450,000 migrants here in 2010. This means that 4.5 percent of its total population is foreign-born, the IOM said.

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