• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
The Mumbai-based CEO said he paid Rs 100 for a 500m auto ride in Bengaluru.

He also added a photo of the car meter and called the experience a “Peak Bengaluru” moment.

Needless to say, traveling by autorickshaw in Bangalore is an expensive affair. Many times, auto drivers in Bangalore quote extra fares for short journeys, upsetting passengers. In a similar instance, X, the CEO of a Mumbai-based company, took to Twitter earlier to share his experience of traveling in an auto in Bengaluru.

Mandar Natekar, co-founder and CEO of NeuralGarage, complained that auto drivers in the city do not charge fares with meters. He also said that he had to spend Rs 100 for a journey of just 500 meters into the city.

He wrote, “In this film, you will see the most beautiful things in Bangalore. Great auto meter. So expensive that it is not used. I paid Rs 100 for just 500m ride. To give perspective, 100Rs is a meter fare in Mumbai for about 9 km.”

He also added a photo of the car meter and called the experience a “Peak Bengaluru” moment.

Check out the tweet here:

Twitter users resonated with his tweets and shared similar experiences. Vijay Koshi, president, TVF, commented, “It’s virtually the same for every city outside Mumbai. Chennai is notorious for its auto rides.”

In his reply, Mr. Natekar said, “It is ridiculous to say the least, but it seems this highway robbery is not legal. No one bothers.”

A second user wrote “Very few cities have auto-meter rental system. Mumbai and Palakkad are the only two cities I know. Nothing can be done either.”

A third added, “Mumbai is the only place in India where rickshaws meter properly. The rest of India is all about loot.”

A fourth commented, “Count your blessings. Most of the time they don’t want to go anywhere.”

Last year, the Karnataka government increased the meter fare from Rs 25 to Rs 30 for the first two kilometers and the base price per kilometer from Rs 13 to Rs 15.

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