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“Served country, couldn’t save wife…”: Ex-soldier in Manipur video

“Served country, couldn’t save wife…”: Ex-soldier in Manipur video

The incident took place on May 4


The husband of one of the two women who were stripped and molested by a group of men in Manipur is a Kargil war veteran. He lamented that even though he saved the country, he could not save his wife from humiliation.

At a press conference in the state capital Imphal, he raised a serious question about the role of the Manipur police, alleging that his wife and others were picked up by a mob from a police vehicle and the police did not resist.

Swamy served in the Indian Army as Subedar of the Assam Regiment.

“I fought for the nation in the Kargil war and was also in Sri Lanka as part of the Indian peacekeeping force. I have protected the nation but I am disappointed that after my retirement, I could not protect my home, my wife and fellow villagers. I am sad, disappointed,” he said.

“Police were present but no action was taken. I want exemplary punishment for those who burnt houses and insulted women,” he said.

“Here, the majority community has always oppressed the minority community like us. We cannot live with other communities anymore. The government should find a permanent solution now,” he added.

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