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How Bengaluru people dance for a free scoop of ice cream

How Bengaluru people dance for a free scoop of ice cream

Shots of customers dancing in an ice cream parlor.

Ice cream and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly, which is probably why desert lovers around the world celebrate National Ice Cream Day every year on the third Sunday in July.

The day fell on July 16 this year and an ice cream shop in Bengaluru celebrated it and a video of their celebrations quickly went viral online.

Corner House, a popular chain of ice cream shops in Bengaluru, decided to offer free ice cream to its customers on the occasion of Ice Cream Day, but it came with a condition: Patrons had to dance their way into the ice cream shop in front of CCTV cameras.

Ice cream lovers did it with gusto and it turned out to be an amazing video. The ice cream shop shared the video on its Instagram page.

“When our cameras catch people dancing for free ice cream, you know it’s a melt-down party! This Ice Cream Day was absolutely healthy at our Indiranagar branch. Thanks to everyone who filled our outlet with scoops of love and laughter,” the shop captioned the video.

Watch the video here:

The video received a lot of compliments from regular customers and other ice cream lovers.

“I remember accidentally dropping the ice cream right after buying it and the guy gave me a new one for free! I didn’t expect this but it sure made me happy like a kid! From my college days to my ice cream at 11, Corner House has made so many unforgettable memories!” commented one user.

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