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‘I ran straight to my mum, I was panicking’: Miss World Karolina Bilawska opens up about her first period experience while raising awareness about menstrual hygiene

‘I ran straight to my mum, I was panicking’: Miss World Karolina Bilawska opens up about her first period experience while raising awareness about menstrual hygiene
The NDMC Convention Center at Delhi’s Connaught Place was abuzz with chattering school girls on Monday morning. It was a moment of sheer joy for these young and enthusiastic students who received sanitary napkins. Karolina BilawskaMiss World 2022.
School Girls and Miss World, Femina Miss India 2022 Sini Shetty, all wore a yellow and red bracelet. Each bracelet is made up of 28 beads — 5 red and the rest yellow. It’s called the menstrual bracelet, and it’s a global symbol of demystifying and proudly embracing menstruation.
The event was organized by NDMC & Aakar Social Ventures World Environment DayJune 5, to promote awareness Menstrual hygiene Access through compostable, inexpensive sanitary napkins. Many women working as cleaners in NDMC were also present in the audience.
Miss World Organization Chairperson Mrs. Julia Morley was also present at the event and was delighted to see the school girls actively interacting with the beauty queens and discussing periods without any hesitation.
Speaking about removing the stigma surrounding menstruation, Karolina Bilawska told ETimes Lifestyle, “It’s really important for young girls to know that menstrual hygiene is nothing to be ashamed of and that menstrual hygiene is very important to their physical and (their) mental health. , that they have the right to be comfortable and that they feel confident to talk about it and that it shouldn’t be a taboo subject at any point.”
Sharing her own experience of menstruation as a teenager, she added, “The first thing I did was run to my mom because she’s always been my best friend. I was panicking, asking what to do and asking for help.”
Taking a lesson from her experience, she added, “That’s what I share with everyone, you should never be ashamed of it because it’s normal and if you have a mother, sister or friend who is close to you, never feel ashamed to talk about it and ask for help.”

Elaborating on solutions to make menstruation a tool for empowerment, Jaideep Mandal, founder of Aakar said, “50% of the world’s population is women and it is in everyone’s interest, if we don’t pay attention to it. All women can suffer. So, first it (menstruation) should be normalized because it is not shameful, around it. There shouldn’t be any taboos, so we’re working towards that, creating awareness and then ultimately we’ll make sure they use the right kind of products, they have a choice.”

Talking about protecting the environment, Femina Miss India 2022 Sini Shetty said, “I feel fear along with (need) awareness of what is happening all over the world. I am sure most of the people living in India do not know what is happening all over the world, when it comes to climate changes, not only about rotting garbage, but also about global warming in general and many other factors. Therefore, awareness in the shadow of fear is necessary to know that the world is towards it. If you do not take care of the world and yourself, the world will end.

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