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NATO: UK PM Sunak backs defense minister’s NATO bid

NATO: UK PM Sunak backs defense minister’s NATO bid
London: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak His defense minister, Ben Wallace, was praised as “fantastic” and praised around the world on Monday, signaling he was firmly behind a United States-led bid to become secretary-general. NATO military alliance
Sunak will meet Joe Biden This week’s meeting, the fourth in as many months, is expected to try to secure the US leader’s support for Wallace’s appointment to the top NATO job, which is due to open in late September.
Asked about Wallace’s candidacy, Sunak told a news conference: “At NATO, Ben has been an excellent defense secretary. There is a public conversation about this among world leaders, and I’m sure that will continue.”
“Ben is respected among his colleagues around the world. Britain has always been a leading contributor to NATO and has met its 2% obligation. We have been a leader in NATO operations and are regarded as a thought leader.”
Earlier this month, Wallace said she “wouldn’t say no if offered the job”, but, as some governments push for the first female NATO secretary-general, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is also emerging as a tough contender.
Sunak will arrive in Washington on Wednesday and Thursday, where the British leader hopes to strengthen trade ties between Britain and the United States and continue to take the lead in supporting Ukraine.

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