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Reckitt celebrates World Environment Day 2023 by launching the first Dettol Climate Resilient School in Uttarakhand

Reckitt celebrates World Environment Day 2023 by launching the first Dettol Climate Resilient School in Uttarakhand

Dettol Banega Swast India in partnership with Plan India inaugurated the first Dettol Climate Resilient School in Uttarkashi, a district of Uttarakhand under its flagship campaign.

World Environment Day

. Sarkar Higher Secondary School at Attali, Uttarkashi is the first of the four schools developed in Uttarakhand at Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.

To protect and prepare for any adverse effects of climate change in Uttarakhand, Reckitt claims that the school will prepare students as climate champions carrying the flag of Mission Life. The project aims to create a sustainable school environment across the state by reducing carbon footprints, increasing energy efficiency, and promoting climate change awareness and education among students, teachers and the community. The program is in response to the notification of the National Education Policy (Government of India) on the need to develop schools as spaces for holistic development and social change. The project strategy is based on the 3Cs of the Sustainable and Climate Resilient Schools Framework of Campus, Collaboration and Curriculum.

Zero Carbon School

This zero carbon school aims to generate its own electricity, prevent water wastage and promote flora and fauna. Also, the school has been provided with upcycled bags, uniforms, xylene free markers, dust free chalks, environmental lab, eco friendly school bags and many other unique things. The school will witness the following impact – 100% energy independence, 55% less energy requirement, improved light quality, 70% less water usage, promoting biodiversity through water and indigenous plants, 100% diversion of wet waste to composting.

A speech was made on the occasion of the inauguration.

Abhishek Ruhela

, District Magistrate of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, said, “I congratulate Reckitt for its unique and first-of-its-kind initiative in India to set up climate-resilient schools. This initiative is truly remarkable as we commemorate this school in Uttarkashi, the source of Ganga and Yamuna. It is a true representation of our environment, ecology and rich heritage that has been handed down to us over the years and is for us to preserve for future generations.

Gaurav Jain

Reckitt, Executive Vice President, South Asia said, “At Reckitt we believe we have a duty to combat climate change in everything we do and we are committed to making our operations 100% renewable by 2040 globally to reach net zero. Electricity by 2030. We are working closely in the state of Uttarakhand to educate and change the behavior of the youth who are the future of the nation.

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