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Apple unveils WatchOS 10 with redesigned apps, mental health-related features and more

Apple unveils WatchOS 10 with redesigned apps, mental health-related features and more

At the annual developer conference WWDC,


Showcase new features coming to Apple Watch

Watch OS 10


With WatchOS 10, users can view important information on certain watch faces by rotating the digital crown button. Apple will also bring widgets for podcasts, stopwatches, and more. The World Clock app and the Activity app have been redesigned to give both apps a new look. Developers will have the option to give new design to their apps.

Apple Watch apps, including Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, World Clock and more, now make more use of the Apple Watch display for more visible information. The Activity app on Apple Watch and the Fitness app on iPhone make tracking daily movement even easier with more details, improvements to sharing, a redesigned trophy case, and Apple Fitness+ trainer tips.

New watch faces, mental health and more

Apple also introduced two new watch faces — Palette, Snoopy and Woodstock. The palette face depicts the time in a variety of colors using three different overlapping layers, and the colors on the display change as the time changes. Characters on another watch face — Snoopy and Woodstock — interact and play with the watch hands, react to the weather in the area, or even activate when the user exercises.

WatchOS 10 allows users to connect Bluetooth-enabled bicycles to their Apple Watch. New features are added to cycling functionality in workout and fitness tracking mode. Cycling workouts can also be shown as a live action on iPhone.

Hiking Workout also gets new features including waypoints and compass. watchOS 10 also introduced new APIs for developers to bring new features to their workout-related apps.

Apple is also introducing mental health-related features with WatchOS 10. With the Mindfulness app on WatchOS 10, users can record their moment-to-moment emotions and daily moods. Users can scroll through attractive, multifaceted shapes, choose how they feel, choose what makes the biggest impact on them, and change the digital crown to describe their emotions.

Watch OS 10 will also bring features related to vision health. Apple Watch can now measure how much time you spend outside. The feature is aimed at children to combat the growing cases of myopia. There is also a screen distance feature that lets users know if their devices are too close to their eyes.

Users can now start playback of a FaceTime video message and view it directly on the Apple Watch. Additionally, Group FaceTime audio is now supported on Apple Watch.

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