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I am either white or black; I Can’t Come In The Middle: Sriya Reddy | Tamil Movie News

I am either white or black;  I Can’t Come In The Middle: Sriya Reddy |  Tamil Movie News
Although tough, she has done few films. Mr. Reddy She was able to make a lasting impact on her choice of roles and how they were performed. Now the actress is a part of KGF Films Prashant Neilof SalarExperience working in films, co-star Prabhas, how she chooses roles and more. . .
Back to feature films…
After I got married, I did Andava Kanom. Now, I am doing a feature film, which I will call ‘Mother of All Comebacks’. The shoot has been completed and it has been an exciting and tough journey. My character will be wild as far as imagination runs. Can’t say whether it’s positive or negative because Prashant’s way of visualizing it is very different. He created a new world and we are all characters who play a role in this world. Only he knows what category the movie belongs to. It’s an interesting way of filmmaking and a unique approach. This dialogue is completely different from anything I have ever seen or heard. He pays special attention to the appearance of even the smallest characters.
‘I’m very emotional and passionate about my characters’
I am not in the film industry for money or fame. I came here for acting. I have a fire inside me, something that loves to perform in front of the camera, and wanted a role with that. My web series Suzhal also had an ensemble cast, but my character Regina managed to stand out. I want characters like that. I will only be a part of the film if I am 100 percent convinced that I can bring my A game. I am very passionate and passionate about my characters and that is why I take time to sign films.
‘I gave Prashant Neel a tough time’
There was a lot of drama on the set, but Prashant was patient with me and guided me by saying, ‘Trust me’. Salaar is my comeback film. My body tightened and I had a mental block. Working on such a large canvas was daunting and the character was tough for me as a comeback. But Prashant was clear about what he wanted. Only a secure and confident man could write something so magnificent for a woman. I don’t believe I am a great actor. But I know that whatever is given to me, even if it’s a 15-minute role, I will make the most of it. I try to be that character in real life too; Only then can I bring that person on screen.
Timiru the career best
It’s been 16 years since Timuru came out and people still remember my role as Ishwari in it. I didn’t care that it was a negative role then. For me it was a challenge and I had to make the most of it
of female fans
On the one hand there is the sunny and fiery side…soft, sensitive and emotional. But on the other hand, when I am pushed, I become strong and courageous, with no choice. I am either white or black; I can’t stand in the middle. Because of my looks, people think I have a strong personality. But you have to know me better to see who I am. I am a brown girl. I work out like a maniac. I have more female fans for many reasons
I think I have more of an ‘I’m doing well’
You can work to get better; Do not engage in fitness activity solely with the intention of losing weight. I work to make myself happy and strong, which gives me superhero-like strength
‘C’wood writes beautiful roles for women’
Even though some people felt disgusted and scared of me after seeing Ishwari in Timir, now I see memes saying that she should have got the love she deserved. Beautiful roles are being written for women today…characters who break boundaries and play themselves regardless of what society or people think. Some people in our country still think that women should behave in a certain way, talk in a certain way, sit in a certain way. But they don’t understand what we want. We want to push the boundaries, to be free, to be liberated. The roles are also written in the same way.

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