These lookalikes of Malayalam actors can be mistaken for twins!

They say every person is unique and no two fingerprints match. While the latter is absolutely true, the idea of ​​uniqueness is very tricky, especially if we have scientific data that proves you can find your doppelgänger if you want, and most likely share DNA! Well, let’s save the science lesson for another day, but we found some look-alike celebrities from Mollywood, both actors, who are completely unrelated but have striking similarities.

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Samyukta and Samantha

If you are a social media user and have seen Samyukta’s post, you must have already read the comments on her photos suggesting her resemblance to Samantha Ruth Lord. Samyukta and Samantha have interestingly similar physical features and they look similar in more ways than one.

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Meera Jasmine and Sujitha

For a long time, moviegoers believed that Sujitha is actress Meera Jasmine’s elder sister. Can we really complain? Look at them! The two shared striking facial similarities, and it was natural to mistake the two for brothers.

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Kaveri and Arthana Binu

Do you remember ‘Vasanti and Lakshmi and I’m’ actress Kaveri? She has a doppelgänger in M-Town! Yes, that’s right – Arthana Binu. The two are remarkably similar, and we have to admit they could easily switch places like ‘The Princess Switch’. They can undoubtedly pass the identical double test.

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Aishwarya Lakshmi and Purnima Indrajith

We can already hear you screaming “I told you so” to your BFF! Aishwarya Lakshmi is one of the most sought after actresses in South Indian cinema. Like you, we have similarities between Aishwarya Lakshmi and Purnima Indrajith. Their facial features look so similar that they both can easily pass the sibling test!

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Prem Prakash and Lisho

Finally let’s confess. Every Malayalam movie lover has mistaken Prem Prakash for Lishoy and vice versa at least once in their life. Prem Prakash and Lisho have a lot in common, even though the two are unrelated except that they both work in the same industry.

Keerthy’s chic look

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