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Oval pitch will help spinners, good venue for India: Sachin Tendulkar | Cricket News

Oval pitch will help spinners, good venue for India: Sachin Tendulkar |  Cricket News
New Delhi: Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar He expressed his belief that the spin-friendly nature of the oval pitch would instill confidence in the Indian team. World Test Championship (WTC) final against Australia starts on Wednesday.
In the presence of two exceptional spinners, R Ashwin And Ravindra JadejaIn the Indian team, Sachin emphasized the advantage that the pitch gives to the team.

He suggested that the team could get a significant boost from the favorable pitch, with two excellent spinners to take advantage of the situation.
“The Indian team will be happy to play on the oval. The nature of the oval pitch is such that it helps the spinners during the match. So the spinners will play a bit more.


“It’s not always a turning track because sometimes spinners rely on a lot of bounce, sometimes it depends on the little zip and overhead conditions they come off the pitch, it depends on the shiny side of the ball. .
“If they can get that drift, they can talk the ball in the air without playing the pitch. So, the Oval will be a good venue for India,” Sachin said on his website 100mbsports.


India will carry a positive vibe when they enter the Oval for the last time at this venue, having achieved a crushing 157-run win over England in 2021. Sachin also said that good memories of that match will burn. Indians.
“100 per cent. Whenever you have such memories, they stay with you. The Indian team will not forget that last time they played there (The Oval) they had a great outing. They won the game, as I said good memories stay with you,” Sachin said.
Similarly, England had beaten the Aussies by 135 runs in the 2019 Ashes Test, and Sachin said they will be in a bit of pain. However, the batting maestro added that the Australians could be an extremely competitive side.


“The bruises will take some time to heal. But Australia are a beautiful team because they have a balanced squad. There are guys who have been around for a long time and some young faces.
“It’s a good mix of youth and experience. Australia are always competitive and whether they have a full squad or not, once they cross that rope they will be very competitive,” Sachin said.
Sachin said the recent extensive county play by Cheteshwar Pujara and Marnes Labuschagne will come in handy for their teams in the big game.
“Of course, playing in county cricket is of great value. Pujara and Labuschagne have had significant outings in county cricket recently. Smith is not like the other two, but any match practice one gets is much easier because the conditions are different.
“Our guys played T20 and now they have gone to England, so some players from Australia were here playing T20 but I believe playing practice matches… there is no better practice than that,” he said.
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