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My Fern Tattoo Represents Nature: Paris Lakshmi | Malayalam movie news

My Fern Tattoo Represents Nature: Paris Lakshmi |  Malayalam movie news
Actress-dancer Paris Lakshmi Known for its commitment to environmental causes. In the past, she has staged dance productions to mark the occasion World Environment Day, to convey the importance of environmental protection. Her dance video titled mother earthThe environment was discussed and it was again viral when it was released.
Talking to us This World Environment DayShe says, “This is a cause very close to my heart. I am currently busy with work in Bengaluru and will not be able to do much this year. As an artist, I hope to show my talent by presenting artworks that may open up. My audience’s eyes are on this issue.”
About her connection and closeness to nature, she says, “I have been fond of trees since childhood, and when I see a tree with a beautiful shape, I can’t stop myself from climbing it. I want to be in the forest regularly. It’s how I restore myself and regain my peace of mind. Sometimes, when I’m in a dense forest, this connection with nature Because I get emotional.”
“I have a tattoo on my left ankle that represents a fern. To me, it has many meanings, one of which is my relationship. Mother Nature,” she added.
She went on to talk about the importance of environmental protection. “I believe that environment is the biggest and most important issue right now. We have exhausted our planet’s resources and we are only connected to it by a thin thread. Protecting the environment should be our highest priority. We should make at least a small effort to achieve it.”

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