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Anupama Parameswaran and Suresh Gopi in a legal drama | Malayalam movie news

Anupama Parameswaran and Suresh Gopi in a legal drama |  Malayalam movie news
After Kurup in 2021 Anupama Parameswaran Way back to Malayalam Praveen Narayanof J.S.K Janaki v/s State of Kerala. The movie will be released in Tamil and Telugu Suresh Gopi David Abel appears as Donovan, a lawyer. his son, Madhav SureshHe made his debut in this film in a leading role.
Praveen says that Anupama plays a strong character and we wanted a face that Malayalis have not seen recently. The film is about a lawyer unexpectedly getting involved in a case and the events that follow. Shruti Ramachandran Also plays an important role in the film. About Suresh Gopi, Praveen says, “When I wrote the role, Sureshetan was the face in my mind. You can see the old fire in him here. You will understand when you watch the film.
The two schedules of the film have now been completed in Thrissur, Kambam and Theni regions. The next schedules will be in Bengaluru and Chennai. Praveen hints that another big South star will also be in the film but won’t divulge more details.
“A few location stills were exposed and now we have removed all that from the film. It was mostly focused on Suresh Gopi’s role. The project is huge. We have a big climactic fight scene, which was shot on a budget of over Rs. A part of it was shot in Kampam-Theni. The rest will be shot in Chennai. .It happens during the festival,” Praveen said.

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