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Former US President Bill Clinton warns Yeltsin of sanctions against India’s defense deals: Transcripts

Former US President Bill Clinton warns Yeltsin of sanctions against India’s defense deals: Transcripts
MUMBAI: The US has repeatedly threatened Russia with sanctions if Moscow continues its nuclear-defense cooperation with India, according to a declassified transcript of the Washington-based National Security Archive on Monday.
Although the two countries remained at loggerheads over India in 1993, US President Bill Clinton’s early support was assured of extensive cooperation, the transcripts indicate.
National The Security Archive is part of The George Washington University.
According to the transcripts, a July 10, 1993 conversation between former Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Clinton noted a productive exchange on a variety of issues, including progress on non-proliferation.
Meanwhile, Clinton thanked Yelst for supporting integrity, the transcripts reveal. Test Ban Treaty (CRBT), “raised the issue of possible sanctions if Russia does not stop selling missile technologies to India”.
Yeltsin made it clear to Clinton that he did not like sanctions. “There should be no embargo between friends. I can’t imagine a blockade between us. We are friends,” Yelstin told Clinton, expressing the need for a moratorium on sanctions.
Earlier, in a telephone conversation on June 28, 1993, Clinton had raised with Yeltsin the Russian deal to provide missile technologies to India.
“If Russia does not cancel the deal, the US may have to apply sanctions, limiting Clinton’s ability to provide financial assistance,” the transcript says.
This suggests that the problem was too difficult for Yeltsin. He emphasized that the pact was signed by the erstwhile Soviet Union, not Russia, and asserted that “Russia cannot break ties with India.”
Yeltsin explained to Clinton that the deal with India is important for the Russian defense industry, which is trying to maintain production and retain highly trained specialists.
According to the transcripts, Clinton pushed it hard and tied it to the decision to give Russia market access. place launches and oil and gas deposits.
Earlier, on March 4, 1993, former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher had warned Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev in a meeting in Geneva that further defense cooperation with India would lead to sanctions against Moscow.

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