• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Watch: Gayatri Shankar Rock Climbing | Malayalam movie news

Watch: Gayatri Shankar Rock Climbing |  Malayalam movie news
The inner child Gayatri Shankar Definitely proud, thanks to her latest Rock climbing session! ‘Nna Than Kes Kodu’ recently channeled her adventures and the video is sure to give you the right kind of inspiration. Gayatri Shankar dropped a video on Instagram in which he is seen trying his hand at rock climbing. The beautiful actress said she was scared but she did it.
“You can’t see it, but when I got to the top my hands were sweating and shaking! I was afraid I would have to take my left leg to catch the last ‘rock’. But tree climbing, fence wall jumping, I think eight-year-old me would be accepted,” Gayatri Shankar said in her Instagram post.
Check out the video here.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Gayatri Shankar’s latest film in Malayalam is ‘Corona Papers’ directed by Priyadarshan. Gayatri Shankar was the heroine while Shane Nigam played the lead role. “Thank you Priyadarshan sir for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Corona Papers! I take back so many lessons! Hope to come back as a more seasoned actor! Thanks to the lovely team who supported and encouraged me when I felt my leg was shaking! Last but not the least, dear audience, thank you for receiving Corona Papers with love! Gayatri Shankar had earlier spoken about working with the team.

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