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Is it healthy to use ghee and oil together while cooking?

Is it healthy to use ghee and oil together while cooking?
Using recent food trends seen in videos and vlogs shared on social media ghee And the oil Together while preparing food. Many say it enhances flavor, and many say it improves the texture of food.

But is this diet trend healthy? “Mixing oil/ghee is not recommended as each has a different smoking point and heating oil/ghee beyond the smoking point leads to its breakdown, thereby producing harmful elements that affect health,” says Smt.

Upasana Sharma, ChiefDieticianMax Hospital, Gurgaon.
The smoke point or burning point of a fat refers to the temperature at which an oil or fat begins to produce bluish smoke. High smoke point oils are ideal for high heat cooking.

Experts say that each of these fats are essential for the body and should be tried to include them in regular diet. As one type of fat cannot meet the body’s requirements, the ideal way to use oils/ghee included in the diet is to ‘use them in combination’. For example, breakfast can be prepared in sesame oil, lunch and/or dinner vegetables can be prepared in mustard oil and ghee lentils,” she explains.
Cooking oils are very important in every household. These oils contain fatty acids, which perform important functions in our body. There are many oils available in the market today that claim different health benefits that confuse the users. Fatty acids can be subdivided into saturated fats, MUFA, and PUFA, she adds, adding the importance of oil and fat to the human body.
Ghee and oil are considered good fats and healthy for the human body. Ghee has more nutrients than oil and is considered a healthier option. Among different cooking oils, olive oil, avocado oil and safflower oil are good and heart friendly.

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