• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Harsh weather brings misery again, unannounced power cuts |  Lucknow News
LUCKNOW: Vijay Kumar, 42, has been having sleepless nights for the past week – not because of anxiety over intermittent power outages in the Ashiana region.

Last week, there was a power cut in his area for more than five hours a day for maintenance, and the situation has not improved since then.
“That severe weather And frequent strikes worsened the situation. Some days there are power outages during the day and other days at night. All this affects normal life and sleep cycles,” says Kumar.

Ironically, the situation is worse in areas like Alambagh, Mahanagar, Indiranagar, Gomatinagar, Bakshi Ka Talab and Chinhut.
Residents allege that the power outages and voltage fluctuations that hit the city during the storm in May and June this year have returned, albeit in somewhat calmer form.
They say that for the past week, power outages have ranged from 10 minutes to six to seven hours.
Intermittent power supply has made ‘working from home’ a chore. When WiFi is disconnected and routed, air conditioners (ACs) stop working due to voltage fluctuations. For senior citizens living in high-rise apartments, frequent power cuts mean non-functioning lifts and the drudgery of stair climbing or staying at home,” said Seema Kumari of Indiranagar. Even after repairs, power outages are common. “LESA’s ground staff are not taking or switching off their CUG numbers,” added Seema.
The Lucknow Electricity Service Authority (LESA) claims that these are planned cuts that require the shutdown of 220 KV and 33 KV substations for other panel-related maintenance.
In addition, the Department is also undertaking activities under the Revised Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) to upgrade the existing infrastructure.
Under the Centre’s scheme, which aims to reduce total technical and commercial (AT&C) losses, the discom claims to increase efficiency by replacing old and outdated cables with armored bunch cables (ABCs), installing new poles and adding additional HT lines.
Speaking to TOI, Anil Kumar Tiwari, head of Lesa Trans Gomati said, “The power demand in June was 1688 MW. It has reduced by 300 MW as temperatures have dropped with rains in the last few weeks. But during the last one week, power demand has picked up again and we expect it to cross 1688 MW in the next month.

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