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‘Say It with Oreo’ brings together Farhan Akhtar’s intelligence, AI, Oreos and ET brand equity.

‘Say It with Oreo’ brings together Farhan Akhtar’s intelligence, AI, Oreos and ET brand equity.

Oreo has partnered with Farhan Akhtar and state-of-the-art AI text and voice engines to help you overcome your funny blues and turn speechless situations into fun.

The brand introduced special edition packs containing cookies embossed with letters of the English alphabet. Each pack also comes with a QR code, which once scanned will redirect the customer to the microsite www.sayitwithoreo.in, where users can share their dilemma and receive a customized audio message containing a fun and interesting answer prepared by Farhan Akhtar (back end called Artificial Intelligence).

Conceived by Leo Burnett India, the campaign leverages generative artificial intelligence to generate playful answers that feed into a voice-cloning AI engine that plays the answer in the voice of Farhan Akhtar. Known for his play with words and wit, Farhan Akhtar was a natural fit for the campaign as he truly embodies the playful spirit that the brand carries, the press release said.

The campaign started with an ad called ‘Voice of Oreo’, to which Farhan Akhtar responded, and then a pitch by an Oreo representative was captured as a film and launched on digital media. This was followed by the launch of 6 shorties showcasing the power of the ‘Say It with Oreo’ platform. The campaign will see contextual placements, content integrations and in-store activations across digital platforms.

Talking about the concept behind the campaign, Nitin Saini, Vice President, Marketing, Mondelez India says, “Since its inception, Oreo has always sought to create a strong connection with families and culture through its ‘Stay Playful’ purpose and platform. ‘Say It with Oreo’ goes a step further, inviting people to ditch the seriousness of adulthood and rediscover the joy of seamless, playful conversations with the help of technology.

Mayuresh Dubashi, Group Executive Creative Director, said, “Say It with Oreo is a first of its kind campaign, at times when people are unable to express what they want. Basically a bunch of words when you’re at a loss for words. Using the wit and charm of Farhan Akhtar, Voice Cloning AI and ChatGPT, we tried to create a tool for users to find playful ways to express themselves in awkward or awkward life situations.

Executive Vice President – ​​Prodigious and Content Factory, Varun Shah says, “This is probably one of the biggest AI-led campaigns in recent times, where we are enabling seamless and completely personalized messaging. We’ve partnered with one of the best AI voice engines to give Oreo a never-before-heard experience – recreating Farhan Akhtar’s iconic voice to tailor personalized messages to audiences. We are not just production partners for this campaign, but actually technology and technology activation and deployment partners.

Says Shekhar Banerjee, Chief Client Officer and North and West Head, Wavemaker India, “For all the unanswered or odd questions in life that we choose to ignore, Oreo has created a perfect answer. We achieved this using a unique blend of a celebrity, generative AI, voice cloning AI technology and the power of media. Another example of how leveraging AI and technology with the right media mix can greatly enhance our engagement with consumers.

Watch the ad here:

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