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Police foil Elon Musk’s attempt to remove Twitter sign with crane

Police foil Elon Musk’s attempt to remove Twitter sign with crane
  • Elon Musk’s Twitter rebranded as ‘X’ took effect on Monday.
  • Efforts are underway to erase a Twitter sign in San Francisco, with a new logo debuted on the site.

Elon Musk “X” logos inspired the Twitter site overnightBut it may take some time to change the sign outside his company’s headquarters.

Police appeared on Monday afternoon as they attempted to remove the word “Twitter” from a giant sign installed in the building.

The problem is that the crane was used to bring the letter down and where it was picked up on the street.

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The San Francisco Police Department halted work Monday afternoon and spoke with workers tasked with removing the sign. According to San Francisco Standard. The outlet reported that the letters “er” were still standing between the barriers.

A crane was used to remove some letters from the Twitter sign at the company’s San Francisco office building.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

SFPD told Insider that officers attended a report of an “unauthorized street closure” as some letters were removed from the Twitter sign using a crane outside Twitter’s headquarters in the city. “Officers were able to determine that no crime was committed and this incident was not a police matter,” the statement continued.

A representative for SFPD declined to comment beyond the statement. An inquiry sent to Twitter’s press address received an automated response of “We’ll get back to you shortly,” and a representative could not be reached for comment. Shorenstein, who owns the building, declined to comment.

Two people familiar with the company told Insider that employees were not notified that the sign would be removed. A large crane “showed up” and began dismantling the sign, one of the people said. The assumption is that it will be replaced by Musk is using the new “X” symbol to rebrand TwitterIt became part of his X Holdings earlier this year.

San Francisco police stand next to a crane being used to dismantle some of the letters on Twitter’s SF office sign.Justin Sullivan/Getty

From the Market Street office, employees could see the crane blocking traffic on Cross Street, normally a busy part of San Francisco. The crane was usually parked in a lane reserved for through traffic, causing traffic to back up at points. When police arrived later that afternoon, they began directing traffic around the crane, one of the acquaintances said.

Considering the disturbance, the police stopped the removal of the signage before it was completed, the person said. The crane has now disappeared, the person added. The entire Twitter name remains on one side of the symbol, with only the letters “er” remaining on the other.

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