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Casting me as the heroine was a challenge: Induja | Tamil Movie News

Casting me as the heroine was a challenge: Induja |  Tamil Movie News
After his impressive debut in Mayada Maan, Induja He was a part of films like Bigil and Magamuni. Talking to us, the actress shares that she wants to work in films where people will remember her and is ready to up her game. Quotes:

Challenges in the industry
I had a character role in Mayada Man and after that I was offered many character roles. Establishing myself as a heroine or leading lady was a challenge for me and I had to play the game slowly. I want to be a competent actress, so I usually take time to choose movies. I also had to discover some things in my personal life that I didn’t want to talk about. I’ve had to balance a lot of things, but now, it’s time to pick up the pace. I want to do films that people will remember me by.

Favorite co-star
Indeed working with Vijay sir was very enjoyable. I liked it a lot too Parking Everyone enjoyed the process and it was definitely fun working with Harish.
Difficulties in landing heroine roles
After Meyada Man, I needed films that could reach a wider audience. Big did it, and yet I played a supporting character in it. Only a few in the industry can see beyond what is shown on screen and judge the potential of an artiste. Mostly new and upcoming directors are interested in taking such opportunities.
Evolution and growth as an actress
As an actress, I feel like I am learning and growing a lot. I used to be very expressive in my performances, but during the Covid lockdown, I was able to work on myself more and now I think I have evolved as an actress. I was not getting good film offers. For now, though, I’m ready and listening to a few scripts. I have almost confirmed two films and will announce them soon.
In the parking…
The title of the movie says it all. It’s about a fight in a parking lot. However, this is not an out-and-out thriller, but there will be a lot of family drama and emotions. It is a movie for everyone. Parking is a problem seen in cities and towns alike. Our director has created some interesting characters to explore how severe this problem can be. Parking is the director’s first film, but when I heard about it, I was instantly impressed and felt I had to be a part of it.
Screen sharing Harish Kalyan
I play a fine arts professor who is very compassionate and balanced. This role is a very new experience for me and it is completely different from other roles I have done. I feel lucky to be able to land on it. Harish Kalyan is a good friend and I have known him for some time. He was very easy to work with because he is light-hearted and makes everyone around him feel comfortable and make them laugh. He is cool and calm; We can see a very different Harish in this movie.

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