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6 Bollywood actresses caught up in MMS controversy

6 Bollywood actresses caught up in MMS controversy

There have been incidents of Bollywood actresses getting caught up in MMS controversies in the past. From Kareena Kapoor to Preity Zinta, leading actresses have been dragged into such controversies that have taken a toll on their reputation.

Bollywood MMS Controversies:

1. Preeti Zinta

An MMS defaming Preity Zinta went viral years ago. Preeti’s bathing video is said to be leaked. The actress clarified that she is not the person in the clip and gave several reasons to support her statement. They mentioned that the girl in the picture has a different body frame, height and brown marks.

2. Mona Singh

In 2013, an MMS clip featuring actress Mona Singh surfaced online. However, Mona Singh addressed the issue by confirming that the clip was morphed and filed a police complaint about the incident.

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3. Rhea Sen

In 2005, an MMS clip featuring Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel surfaced and sparked a controversy. The clip was reportedly leaked by an unknown source.

4. Kareena Kapoor

In 2004, an MMS clip featuring Shahid Kapoor and his then girlfriend Kareena Kapoor started doing rounds on the internet. The clip has sparked controversy and speculation, but its authenticity has never been confirmed.

5. Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat was embroiled in an MMS controversy in the mid-2000s, where an offensive graphic MMS of her likeness went viral on the internet. Mallika Sherawat approached the Cyber ​​Crime Cell and Mumbai Crime Branch stating that the video was not hers and someone else was behind it. She expressed concern about the impact on her dignity, reputation and name.

6. Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala also faced a similar situation when a fake clip of her went viral on the internet. She reacted strongly by stating that such things do not deserve attention or attention from anyone, not just from her. She emphasized the need for a legal system to protect innocent victims who are targeted in such incidents.

Such incidents tarnish one’s image, but these women came out stronger.

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