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Why Dr. Bollywood doesn’t create villains like Dang & Gabbar

Why Dr.  Bollywood doesn’t create villains like Dang & Gabbar

The deadly villains who scared us in our childhood, Dr. Remember Dang and Shackle? Do you still remember the iconic dialogues of Gabbar Singh and Mogambo? These villains were created a long time ago, and it’s been over two decades since we’ve seen such influential villains. But why doesn’t Bollywood make such villains?

The portrayal of villains in Bollywood films has evolved over time due to various factors including audience preferences, storytelling trends and social influences. Gabbar Singh from “Sholay” and Dr. from “Karma”. Although legendary villains like Dang were popular in their time, the change in filmmaking brought different approaches to character development and storytelling.

Filmmakers focus on creating more realistic and relatable stories. Villains with flamboyant, larger-than-life personalities like Gabbar Singh or Shakal may not match the realism or relatability that filmmakers aim to achieve in contemporary cinema.

Bollywood directors are responding to the changing tastes and preferences of the audience. Modern audiences are often drawn to more nuanced and complex characters that reflect the gray shades of human nature. This change led to the development of antagonists, conflicting characters and villains with more depth and background.

In recent years, there has been an emphasis on character development and exploring the motivations and psychology of protagonists and antagonists. Villains are now portrayed with more depth and complexity, blurring the lines between good and evil. This allows for a more nuanced understanding of the characters’ actions and motivations.

Although there has been a change in the portrayal of villains, Bollywood still produces films with negative characters.

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