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LHC confirms Imran’s anticipatory bail plea in Zille Shah murder case – Pakistan

LHC confirms Imran’s anticipatory bail plea in Zille Shah murder case – Pakistan

The Lahore High Court on Tuesday confirmed PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s anticipatory bail in the case of concealment of facts and evidence. Death of a PTI workerSil Shah, in a road accident.

The death A PTI activist Ali Bilal, popularly known as Zil Shah, had led to massive protests in Lahore on March 8 during the party’s rally. Postmortem report 26 scars were found on the body. The party claims that he was beaten to death by the police while in custody.

PTI chief was also present expressed his anger In the incident, the “unarmed” worker was allegedly killed in police custody,

However, Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and Punjab Inspector General of Police Dr. Usman Anwar is also one Joint press conference On March 11, the PTI had shared the findings of the inquiry committee declaring that the death of the worker was due to a road accident.

Although the officials produced video footage of the two men and the vehicle that rushed the PTI worker to the services hospital, they could not release any footage of the vehicle hitting the road to substantiate their claim.

Kamran Khan, Managing Director, Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) on March 15. Said The police had checked around 50 CCTV cameras of the authority and Lahore Cantonment installed in the vicinity of Mian Mir Overhead Bridge where Zil Shah was caught in a black car on March 8.

Kamran Khan said that the footage related to Ali Bilal’s car accident is still missing from around 50 CCTV footage. the morning.

Last week, the LHC Granted Since Imran got bail in the case, till today the former Prime Minister participated in the investigation and recorded his statement with the police.

Imran’s lawyer Barrister Salman Safdar appeared in court today.

At the start of the trial, Justice Anwarul Haq Pannoon noted the presence of three prosecutors.

He asked the government lawyer what was the link between the First Information Report (FIR) in the case and Imran.

“Put aside the fact of who the culprit is and focus only on whether their bail can be revoked,” he said.

After hearing the arguments, the LHC confirmed Imran’s anticipatory bail in the case.

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