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Rawalpindi grapples with floods as heavy rains – Pakistan

Rawalpindi grapples with floods as heavy rains – Pakistan

Heavy rain lashed Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Saturday, prompting a rain emergency to be declared in the twin cities and local authorities deploying machinery on roads to drain away rainwater.

Speaking Dawn.comManaging Director of Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Muhammad Tanveer said that the rain emergency has been declared in Rawalpindi due to the heavy rain that started early in the morning and lasted for several hours.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, more than 60 mm of rain fell in the twin cities, leading to flood-like conditions. According to the report, Shamzabad received 60 mm, Chaklala 46 mm, Pindi 28 mm, Rawat 12 mm, Golra 16 mm and Saidpur 20 mm.

A significant amount of rain has led to water logging in low-lying areas, creating disruptions and posing risks to residents.

According to Vasa MD, heavy machinery and personnel have been deployed to fight the rising water level in many areas.

“Our primary objective is to ensure the safety of the affected communities by draining the excess water. Efforts are focused on quickly pumping water out of flooded areas and addressing flood hazards.

The water level has risen to 7.5 feet in Leh Nulla, a major waterway, while the Gavalmandi bridge is reporting water flow at 6.5 feet, a Vaasa statement said.

It said the authorities have taken measures to prevent damage and ensure smooth flow of traffic by cleaning drainage systems, including critical areas like Committee Chowk.

“The authorities are committed to dealing with the emergency situation and will deal with any additional challenges that may arise,” Tanveer said, adding that most of the areas with accumulated rainwater have been cleared.

Witnessed It has been raining for the past week. Consequently, India More water is released To the lowlands of Pakistan.

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