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Teen maid ‘severely molested’ by judge’s wife in Islamabad – Newspaper

Teen maid ‘severely molested’ by judge’s wife in Islamabad – Newspaper

Islamabad/Sargodha: Minor domestic worker appointed civil judge. The 13-year-old girl was subjected to “severe harassment” by her employers at their residence in the federal capital, but the police are reluctant to register a case of molestation. the morning have learned

Civil Judge of Punjab Judicial Service working on deputation for three years at Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad.

Police officials said the morning The Sargodha Police contacted officials of the Islamabad Police, from the office of the Superintendent of Police to the concerned SHO and provided them with all the documents including the complaint and the medico-legal certificate requesting to register the case.

The police response was “unprofessional and not serious”.

Sargodha police again contacted the capital police and registered a case after the matter was reported in the media. Although the relevant documents have been received from the Sargodha police, the police have asked the concerned police station to report the presence of the complaint, they added.

The girl was shifted to a Lahore hospital; Sargodha Police requested Islamabad Police to register the case

Sargodha police registered a report after the girl was brought to DHQ Sargodha with injuries. According to the report, the injured girl was rushed to the hospital at 7:21 am in critical condition. “She was working at a judge’s house where she was molested,” the report added.

According to hospital sources, the girl had injuries on her head, face and body, which were reportedly caused by a blunt weapon, while her body also had burn injuries.

The girl’s mother said that she will file a complaint against the judicial officer’s wife in the theft case against her daughter. She alleged that the wife used to beat her daughter whenever she asked for salary or went to meet her parents.

She alleged that her daughter was beaten mercilessly with a sharp and pointed weapon and burnt with a hot iron.

Speaking the morningSargodha District Police Officer Mohammad Faisal said that the 13-year-old girl is a native of Sargodha. He added that the judge had hired her through a contractor six months ago as a domestic worker at a salary of Rs 10,000 per month.

The DPO quoted the girl’s family as saying that her employer was not happy with her and asked her parents to take the girl back. In response to her employer’s call, her family reached Islamabad and took her to Sargodha, he added.

While returning to her hometown, SSP Faisal said the mother saw injuries on her daughter’s body and her family took her to a local hospital in Sargodha, where the hospital sought a medico-legal certificate (MLC) for treatment as a case of torture.

In response, the Sargodha police issued an MLC for her treatment, according to the MLC, who said she had multiple injuries, including two fractures and lacerations. Her wounds were affected by the delay in treatment. She had bruises and swelling.

The DPO said doctors advised the family to take her to Lahore as she had head injuries and the Sargodha Police arranged for a police ambulance to shift her to Lahore.

SSP Faisal said the Lahore police were also approached to take the girl and her family to the hospital and the Sargodha police also arranged for them to travel to Lahore in a passenger vehicle.

The Sargodha police helped the girl’s father, Manga Khan, to write a complaint for registration of the case, he said, adding that all relevant documents have been sent to the Islamabad police for further legal action.

A police officer of the capital police said the morning The capital police had received a complaint from the girl’s father to register a case against the employer at the Humak police station. Police sources said the judge is likely to be booked for hiring a minor maid and concealing facts.

Complaint by the girl’s father

The complainant said that six months ago, she sent her daughter Rizwana Bibi (13) to the house of the civil judge in Sarta Housing Society for a job with a salary of Rs 10,000 per month.

On Sunday, he came to meet her with her wife and brother-in-law at the judge’s house in Islamabad, where the girl was crying and in a critical condition.

She had bruises on her head, arms and legs, as well as broken teeth, swelling around her eyes, lips and nose, fractured ribs and bruises on her back, according to the complaint.

During the investigation, she told the family that she was harassed by the judge’s wife on a daily basis and at times her employer refused to feed her. She said she was being held in a room.

Meanwhile, the civil judge told the media that the girl had injured her head. He said her husband was looking for her in connection with the theft of some gold jewellery. He claimed that the girl used to eat clay and due to this habit certain marks appeared on her face.

Earlier, an Additional Sessions Judge (ADSJ) of Islamabad and his wife were arrested for the same offence. The judge was dismissed from service and imprisoned for three years.

— Malik Asad in Islamabad also contributed to this report

Published on July 25, 2023 in Dawn

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