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MetLife 2022 Sustainability Report: For the Environment

MetLife 2022 Sustainability Report: For the Environment

Northampton, MA / AccessWire / July 25, 2023 / MetLife, Inc.

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Met Life for the Environment

Our approach

MetLife’s commitment to environmental stewardship has been a cornerstone of our 155-year history. As a purpose-driven company, we believe it is our responsibility to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. This includes addressing climate change and enabling a just transition to a low-carbon economy, which requires collective action from various stakeholders. We aim to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our business while developing solutions to help contribute positively to a more sustainable future for all.

Our approach to environment, health and safety is built on collaboration with our colleagues and business partners in protecting the environment, engaging in community service and environmental awareness activities, and upholding standards and procedures designed to prioritize the health and safety of our colleagues while at work.

We manage and monitor climate and other environmental risks and opportunities, while our people, products, services, investments and position as a Fortune 50 company support a sustainable economy and environment. We support climate projects across the markets in which we operate and partner with organizations focused on diverse and equitable solutions. See our communities to learn more.

We support the objectives of the Paris Agreement to control and reduce GHG emissions, cooperate on climate action, and support communities facing the impacts of climate change. In June 2022, we announced a net zero GHG emissions target for our global operations and general account investment portfolio by 2050 or earlier.1 We have revised past climate commitments to advance this goal. See our commitments to learn more.

MetLife highlights insurers’ critical role in addressing climate change

The annual United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties aims to renew solidarity among countries to deliver the landmark Paris Agreement to limit global warming. Held in the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh, he participated in a panel on “The Role of Insurance in Increasing Climate Resilience,” which included MetLife’s EMEA Regional President, Nuria Garcia, along with leaders from MetLife, Alliance and Swiss Re.

Garcia highlighted MetLife’s climate commitments as well as MetLife’s green investments, including solar arrays and wind farms globally. She also discussed how being an investor makes insurers critical to climate resilience and action, emphasizing that investing for the long term means we often need to consider how climate change will affect MetLife’s portfolio.

In a separate session, Haitham Taher, General Manager, MetLife Egypt, hosted a panel exploring the need for resilience around critical infrastructure.


The Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee of the MetLife Board of Directors oversees our environmental strategy and implementation. This responsibility includes reviewing our climate goals and metrics related to those goals. MetLife’s Chief Sustainability Officer and other senior leaders report progress on commitments and programs to the Board multiple times a year. See Accountability Governance to learn more.

Read MetLife’s Environmental Policy >

1 MetLife, Inc. The Net Zero commitment applies to GHG emissions from MetLife’s global owned and leased offices, vehicles, employee business travel, supply chain and assets in MetLife’s general account investment portfolio. Although reliable methodologies and data sets for certain GHG emissions are not currently available, MetLife is committed to identifying and quantifying relevant climate data as methodologies and standards develop. Emissions are tracked according to the GHG Protocol, unless otherwise prescribed by regulators. More information about MetLife’s general account investment portfolio is available here.

2 Engaged through CDP’s Supply Chain Program to disclose climate risks, GHG emissions and other environmental information in 2022, an increase from 123 suppliers in 2021.

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