• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
A fire at a tubewell in an Andhra village was put out in six hours

Officials from the police, fire service and ONGC successfully put out the fire that erupted on the bank of a fish pond in Sivakodu village in Konaseema district, police said.

After extinguishing the fire, the 350 feet deep borehole was sealed with cement.

ONGC officials used water and mud to douse the fire. Instead of spilling it earlier, they let it burn for some time to make it easier and release the surrounding gas,” Kothapet Sub Divisional Police Officer KV Ramana told PTI on Saturday.

He said that there were no casualties or injuries as the fire broke out in a place where there were no people or trees. The fire broke out in an old tube well located away from the residential areas of Rasol mandal. Police said it started in the morning when an aquaculturist operated the borehole after long hours.

“It is a tubewell on the bank of a fishpond. This is an old tube well. “When the farmer turned on the old tubewell, first water came in and then gas came out,” Konaseema District Superintendent of Police P Sridhar said.

A technical team is investigating the cause of the fire and the source of the gas. The officials of the team are checking whether the farmer dug the bank afresh or there is any other reason.

An ONGC team from Rustumbada village near Narsapur in West Godavari district tried to douse the fire.

Earlier, Sridhar, who observed the absence of ONGC pipelines in the vicinity of the pond, had cited a ‘gas kick’ (unexpected entry of gas into the borehole, usually caused by pressure fluctuations during drilling) as a reason. For Agni.

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