• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Haryana Government is creating awareness about water and pathogens

Haryana Government is creating awareness about water and pathogens

The Haryana government’s health department is creating awareness in flood-affected areas of the state regarding prevention of water-borne diseases, a spokesperson said on Saturday.

Officials said the department is providing primary care, organizing medical camps, distribution of medicine, door-to-door campaign, distribution of ORS packets and transport services to pregnant women in flood-affected areas. Along with this, water testing, distribution of chlorine tablets, fogging, checking of mosquito breeding areas and ensuring cleanliness of drinking water are also being carried out.

Many villages and urban areas have been damaged due to floods following heavy rains in the state. Medical teams are visiting the affected areas to assess the situation.

The spokesperson said that 703 medical camps have been started so far. Of these, 340 were installed on Saturday. Today, 7,833 patients have been screened in medical camps and so far 12,680 patients have been screened. Besides, extensive fogging campaigns have been conducted in villages and wards along with distribution of ORS packets,” the spokesperson said.

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