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Driving in hot weather | wcnc.com

Driving in hot weather |  wcnc.com

CHARLOTTE, NC – States across the country are experiencing some high temperatures. If you’re hitting the road this summer, make sure you’re prepared to ride in the scorching heat.

“I don’t think there’s any way around it. We’re going from warmer to warmer,” said Richard Runyon of Virginia.

“I left Florida to get out of the heat, but I went to New Orleans and that didn’t really help. It was a great city, but it was really hot,” Rhonda Denning said.

Millions of people hit the road during summer, some hoping for some relief from the scorching heat.

“When we left Florida, it was in the 100s, and when we got to Massachusetts it was pleasant,” Mary Bonner said.

But driving in high temperatures can take its toll on your car.

“I can’t tell you how often, especially in these extreme temperatures, we see flat tires. “People are stuck on the side of the road because the coolant system overheats or the battery is dead,” said Tiffany Wright, director of public affairs for AAA Carolinas.

To help reduce the chances of your trip going south, Wright recommends making repairs to your car before you leave. Check your battery, tires, coolant and other fluid levels.

You also want the interior of your car to be comfortable. Bruce and Arlene Mann make sure they stay cool on their travels.

“Air conditioning, drink lots of water. “I have a cooler full of water and seltzers,” she said.

Remember that it doesn’t take long for a car to heat up to dangerous levels. AAA reminds people to never leave children or animals unattended inside parked cars, even for short periods of time.

Despite the heat, Runyon said she’s looking forward to the memories she’ll make with her loved ones.

“It’s one of those special things that you have as a family, what this time of year brings,” Runyon said. “If it’s a little hot with it, so be it.”

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