• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

WhatsApp launches ‘Official Chat’ for tips and tricks

WhatsApp launches ‘Official Chat’ for tips and tricks
The image shows the new update of WhatsApp. – WaBetaInfo

WhatsApp launches official chat meta-proprietary where users can get tips and tricks. WaBetaInfo Informed.

According to the app-tracking website, the new update is being widely released to more users starting today.

The official WhatsApp chat will update everyone about the latest updates implemented in the application as well as inform them about the latest security settings and adopt them to keep their accounts safe.

The chat was initially restricted to some users, however, many people are not receiving messages from this chat.

The interface has also been refined, making it easier to use for first-timers. However, those who don’t want to receive messages from the official chat can archive or block it.

“The first message is about two-step verification, one of the most important features that allows users to protect their accounts. With two-step verification, you can add an extra layer of security to your account by choosing a PIN. A 6-digit registration code should be asked after,” said the WhatsApp observer.

It should be noted that not everyone may receive this message from WhatsApp as it is still limited. However, some users who have installed a recent update are reportedly getting this message.

Also, it is available for Android and iOS users.

This chat cannot be opened manually and users cannot be forced to accept the message.

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