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On July 13, a 60-meter asteroid clipped the Earth, and no one knew

On July 13, a 60-meter asteroid clipped the Earth, and no one knew

he 60 meter asteroid diameter 2023 NT1 has passed Very close to earth The last one July 13. The problem? No one noticed until July 15. What if it hits the ground?

Asteroid 2023 NT1 Approached the earth 25% of the distance to the Moon. That’s something 90,000 km. In spatial terms, like “grazing” our planet.

If there were Fell on the groundThe consequences can be devastating.

The Trouble with the Undiscovered Asteroid

This Asteroid What no one has ever seen 60 meters in diameterBigger than the Statue of Liberty.

In 2013, according to TechSpot, an asteroid three times smaller 20 meters in diameter, The explosion occurred over the Russian city of ChelyabinskIt creates a shock wave 1,500 people were injured and caused windows To demolish several buildings.

he Asteroid 2023 NT1If it falls in a city would have resulted in hundreds of deathsA crater as large as Barringer Crater in Arizona, caused by a meteorite that produced an explosion 150 times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb:

If that crater formed in a city, the consequences would be dramatic.

How is that possible? No other telescope has detected such a large asteroidThat also happened Incredibly close to Earth?

Because that’s it The asteroid was coming towards us in the same direction as the Sun. The light from our star blinds all telescopes, so we can’t look directly at the Sun.

Astronomers are the first to know about this little “defect” of ours Asteroid detection systems Risky. That’s why the European Space Agency launched the Neomir mission, which will place a telescope at the first Lagrange point 1.5 million kilometers from Earth in the same orbit as the James Webb telescope.

This telescope will allow us to see asteroids approaching Earth from places where the Sun blinds us. The problem? The mission will not start Until 2030

On July 13, a 60-meter asteroid clipped the Earth, and no one saw itBecause the sun was blinding us. A problem we will have to live with until 2030. Until then, look sideways at the sky as you walk down the street… just in case…

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