• Tue. Feb 27th, 2024
About ducking time: Apple to change iPhone autocorrect function

June 5 (Reuters) – One of the most notable events at Apple’s event for developers on Monday was a tweak by the iPhone maker that will keep its autocorrect feature from annoyingly correcting one of the most common expletives as “ducking.”

“The moment you want to type a word, the keyboard will learn it,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of software.

The iPhone keyboard autocorrect feature has always had its quirks, sometimes picking up a misspelled word while texting and replacing what it thinks is a logical option that changes the meaning of a particular phrase or sentence.

Such occurrences are usually accompanied by “damn autocorrect!” But the “ducking” replacement is a long-lasting source of joy or frustration, depending on how many times a person has had to rewrite their own sentences or yell into their own device (an iPhone can’t correct one’s verbal idioms).

Besides the texting tweak, the company had a lot on its agenda — a pricey new mixed-reality headset, details on a desktop upgrade, and a laptop upgrade.

Shares of Apple hit an all-time high on Monday, and the company’s market value is just shy of $3 trillion, a record. Its 280% gain over the past five years clearly demonstrates the strength of iPhone’s market share.

Of course, iPhone users always have the option to turn off the auto-correct feature on their phones, allowing its foul-mouthed users to be as vulgar as they want.

Reporting by Stephen Nellis; By David Gaffen; Editing by Anna Driver

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