• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

AI brings Hollywood and Bollywood stars to Pakistan

AI brings Hollywood and Bollywood stars to Pakistan

The AI-generated avatar craze is getting out of hand! After billionaires become body builders and politicians become rockstars, why not imagine Hollywood and Bollywood artists visiting Pakistan?

Most recently, a Pakistani IT expert used AL to produce striking images of world-renowned film and sports stars in a Pakistani environment.

From American singer Selena Gomez in a traditional shalwar kameez to Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan in a colorful outfit on the cliffs of Quetta, to football legend Lionel Messi chilling with cattle, social media users have it all to enjoy.

Not just that, the artist also reimagined 90s stars including the late Lady Diana, American singer Madonna and former Pakistani cricketer and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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