• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Woman urinating on plane floor claims denied access to toilet

Woman urinating on plane floor claims denied access to toilet

Adding to an already growing list of shocking acts on planes, an African American woman was recorded urinating on the floor of a United States-based Spirit Airlines flight mid-air. She complained that she was forced to undergo obscene behavior because the airline staff did not allow her to use the toilet for several hours. She also argued with the staff.

A flight attendant in a black and yellow uniform filmed the unnamed woman crouching in a corner. At first she called out that the bathroom doors were closed and that she needed to pee for two hours.

“I have to pee for two hours, tell me I can’t, close the door,” she alleged. The employee responded, “Say hello to the camera for me,” to which the woman told her to “blame herself.” She repeated, “Your plane stopped, I said I can’t pee.”

She challenged again, “You can do whatever you want. You can send a search warrant, better yet arrest me. Meanwhile, the steward recommended her to drink some water because it “smells like your pee.” After that, the traveler stands up and drops her pants at the end of the 20-second clip before she starts walking.

Notably, Spirit Airlines has yet to issue any statement in this regard.

Reaction on social media

One netizen complained that it was “totally inconsistent with our civilization” and referred to an earlier incident to drive the point home.

Another wondered, “What is there to say,” commenting that “society is collapsing fast.”

One person questioned why a woman is referred to as an African American if her accent is not the same.

One social media user clarified, “She’s not an Afro-American, she’s an Afro-immigrant like we are back home. You can hear it in her accent, which is very different from African-Americans.

“Is it to vent her displeasure at the price hike,” someone asked, “just mind boggling!”

One person expressed his displeasure with where society was headed.

Unruly behavior on planes has been common for the past few months. Recent bizarre incidents include a passenger urinating on another passenger, an airline abandoning passengers at an airport, and a woman being bitten by a scorpion on a plane.

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