• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Hollywood star Christian Bale was spotted exploring Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Hollywood star Christian Bale was spotted exploring Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Following on from Tom Cruise’s recent visit, another Hollywood A-lister graces the streets of the ancient city of Istanbul. Christian Bale, known for his extraordinary performances in movies like “The Machinist”, “Batman” and “The Fighter”, was spotted exploring the iconic Kapalıcarşı or Grand Bazaar the other day.

The world’s first shopping mall, this bustling market has recently become the center of attention, attracting Hollywood celebrities. Along with director Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise arrived in Istanbul to check locations for the filming of the second part of the highly anticipated “Mission: Impossible – Deadly Encounter”. As a notable exception, the normally closed Grand Bazaar opened its doors on a Sunday, allowing Cruise and his film crew to evaluate potential filming locations.

Following in Cruz’s footsteps, Christian Bale went to Istanbul, albeit for tourist purposes. The Hollywood star was spotted exploring the fascinating charms of the city and one of his stops was the famous Grand Bazaar. Climbing onto the rooftop of the bazaar, the Oscar-winning actor struck a pose and snapped a memorable photo of his visit.

Bale’s picture on the Kapalıcarşı roof quickly spread across social media platforms and gained attention from fans around the world. The film was shared through the social media account of the board of directors of Grand Bazaar, creating excitement among movie buffs and locals alike.

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