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Meta’s Threads app releases a following feed

Meta’s Threads app releases a following feed

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Meta’s text-based social network Threads is rolling out one of the most requested features since its launch – a following feed. The company has also announced the ability to see posts you’ve liked in your settings, which will be available soon.

You can hide or show your own and following feeds by tapping the Threads icon at the top of the app’s screen.

Additionally, the update includes new categories to sort your activity feed, allowing you to filter by follows, quotes, and reposts, and a new follow button in your followers list to make it easier to follow other accounts, Instagram tells TechCrunch. Additionally, users with personal accounts can now approve follow requests at once with the “Approve All” option.

Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on his Instagram channel that the company is also adding translation features.

“Threads started rolling out an option for a chronological feed of just the people you follow, and added translations. More to come!” he wrote.

Users need to use the latest version of Threads app to get these new features. However, since this is a gradual roll-out, you may not see the new feed or other options right away.

Translations will be automatic based on the language written in and the user’s language settings, the company said.

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In Threads, Zuckerberg Quoted from a user’s post “Ask and ye shall receive” is said of a following feed.

The placement of the “For You” and “Following” feeds appears at the top of the app – just like Twitter, we should note. That should make it easier for Twitter leavers to get familiar with the Threads app.

In response to user complaints that the new Following tab only loads a handful of posts and threads iOS developer Cameron Roth Noting that the company is looking into the bug, “For some reason we seem to have suddenly created too much demand…”

In the wake of Twitter’s stumble, threads are moving quickly to update its app. The first major update since launch was recently released, bringing support for iOS 17 and is now available as a public beta, along with other minor changes. It released another update that purported to bring translation support and more. But that update was put on hold to fix some issues.

Still ahead for Threads are big improvements like an edit button, multi-account support, and integration with ActivityPub, the protocol that powers the popular, decentralized Twitter alternative Mastodon. Instagram CEO Adam Moseri Dubbed That said, the threads are still “in progress.”

Soon after its launch, Instagram Threads became an overnight success, gaining 100 million users within days of its arrival, although usage numbers have declined.

A Wall Street Journal Friday’s article warned that Instagram’s new Twitter rival was starting to lose steam. Citing third-party data from Sensor Tower, the number of daily active users on Threads fell to 13 million in the second week, a 70% drop from the July 7 high point. In comparison, Twitter’s daily active users are around 200 million.

But it is too early to count threads. according to data.AIThe app already accounts for one-fifth of Twitter’s weekly active user base.

Adding a demand-following feed feature may help to rebound Threads’ usage numbers, which have dipped since the app’s blowout debut.

The launch of the new chronological feed comes after Elon Musk removed the bird logo from Twitter and replaced it with an ‘X’ symbol. Musk said the company plans to “say goodbye to the Twitter brand” in the near future. However, the transition has not been smooth, as most official handles and many parts of the website continue to feature the “Twitter” branding.

Meta is once again taking advantage of the chaos on Twitter, ErX, to lure users to its Twitter clone. Those who want a more classic Twitter experience may find themselves trying Threads instead, as X seems to be in flux, heralding a future that includes payments, banking and video.

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