• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024
The next big Mac update is macOS Sonoma — what’s new?

Apple unveiled MacOS Sonoma at WWDC 2023 featuring desktop widgets, improved gaming performance, enhanced video conferencing, and Safari updates.

Apple released the next version of its computer operating system, macOS Sonoma, on Monday at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California. macOS Sonoma This new version brings exciting features and improvements to Mac users around the world.

One of the key features is the introduction of desktop widgets that integrate seamlessly into the user’s desktop environment. These widgets intelligently fade into the background when a window is open, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. Moreover, macOS Sonoma allows widgets to be accessed from an iPhone when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, improving cross-device integration.

The interactive capabilities of the widgets were also showcased at the event. An example shows how users can control a connected vehicle directly from a desktop widget, emphasizing the practicality and convenience this feature offers. This integration between MacOS and other Apple devices further strengthens the ecosystem and promotes a seamless user experience.

Another notable addition to MacOS Sonoma is the introduction of “Game Mode”. This feature optimizes the allocation of system resources, including CPU and GPU, to prioritize gaming performance. This ensures that Mac users can fully enjoy their gaming experiences by reducing the audio latency of AirPods and increasing the responsiveness of Xbox and PlayStation controllers when connected to a Mac. Apple’s commitment to gaming on the Mac has been reinforced with the appearance of renowned game developer Hideo Kojima. Death Stranding Director’s Cut Available on macOS.

Improvements to video conferencing capabilities were also unveiled. The Presenter Overlay feature allows users to display their screens while their faces remain on the camera, facilitating more engaging presentations and meetings. Additionally, macOS Sonoma features augmented reality (AR) effects that can be applied to any video conferencing app. These effects are triggered by special gestures, such as the double thumbs up, that create a dynamic and immersive experience for participants.

Apple also focused on improving its web browser, Safari, with Sonoma. Similar to regular macOS apps, web apps now have improved functionality. Users can receive notifications from web apps and pin them to the dock for quick access. The introduction of profiles allows for a customized browsing experience depending on whether it is used for work or personal purposes. Moreover, private browsing windows are designed to automatically lock when not in use, ensuring enhanced privacy and security. Apple has made it easy to share passkeys and passwords through iCloud Keychain, streamlining the login process.

In addition to the macOS-specific updates, Apple announced that several improvements from iOS 17 will also be available on MacOS Sonoma. These include an improved predictive text feature, the ability to call Siri without using the “Hey” command, improved sticker functionality, and enabling users to be creative in their digital communications.

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