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Australian meteorologist says 70% chance of El Niño in 2023

Australian meteorologist says 70% chance of El Niño in 2023

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SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said on Tuesday there was a 70% chance the El Niño weather pattern associated with hot and dry weather would develop this year.

The Bureau of Meteorology said its weather models and indicators now met the criteria to raise the status from “watch” to “alert” for the possibility of an El Niño event.

“Although models show that tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures are likely to reach El Niño levels during the winter, we have seen some movement in the atmosphere toward El Niño conditions,” climatologist Kathryn Ganter said in a statement.

“In order to be considered an El Niño event, these changes need to be self-reinforcing and sustained over a longer period of time.”

The weather warnings come after Australia’s chief commodity forecaster said on Tuesday that winter crop production would fall from record highs due to expectations of drier weather ahead.

In an El Nino pattern, drier conditions are more likely in the east of Australia, and warmer than usual across the southern two-thirds of Australia.

That could affect wheat production in Australia, the world’s second-biggest grain exporter, following three years of record or near-record production due to a rare and extended La Nina weather pattern that usually brings more rain.

(Reporting by Ranju Jose in Sydney; Editing by Tom Hogg)

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