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WWDC 2023: macOS Sonoma Launches With Game Mode, Desktop Widgets, and More

WWDC 2023: macOS Sonoma Launches With Game Mode, Desktop Widgets, and More
macOS Sonoma was announced at WWDC 2023

Apart from iPadOS 17, iOS 17 and watchOS 10, Apple also unveiled the latest version of its desktop operating system, MacOS Sonoma, at WWDC 2023. macOS 14 takes widgets to the next level and includes new screen savers and a game mode. More. That said, let’s look at all the new features.

macOS 14 Sonoma: New Features Announced

To kick things off, MacOS Sonoma brings new screensavers with slow-motion videos from around the world. It also gets widgets like iPhones. Previously, widgets on the Mac rested on the right side of the screen under the Notification Center. But with MacOS 14 Sonoma, you now place widgets on the desktop. Now, you can add widgets to your macOS desktop by dragging and dropping.

Plus, widgets can dynamically adjust to your workflow by fading into the background while apps are open, and change its color based on the color of your wallpaper. And even you can Use iPhone widgets on your Mac. For this, you don’t need to install those widgets on your Mac. They appear automatically when your iPhone is nearby or connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Apple hasn’t given up on its dream of making Mac gaming devices and added a new one Game mode On macOS Sonoma. By leveraging Metal 3 upscaling, Gaming Mode can prioritize CPU and GPU utilization for stable frame rates and low audio and input latency.

There’s also a new Game Porting Toolkit for developers to quickly evaluate how games will work on the Mac. This will simplify the conversion process and enable shorter time frames for bringing new titles to Mac devices. Apple has confirmed that there are new and upcoming titles in the pipeline, including Kojima’s Death Stranding, that will take advantage of the game mode.

Next, the Cupertino giant introduced new video conferencing features with macOS Sonoma. First, we have the Presenter Overlay, which ensures that your face appears alongside the content you present. You can choose between small and large overlay modes. This makes it possible for you “Walk, Talk, Move” In front of your content. This is made possible by the seamless integration between Apple Silicon and the Neural Engine.

New responsive video effects are also in store. This is when you want your host and others to know how you feel. It adds depth and focus to your video with balloons, confetti, hearts and more. You can too Use gestures to activate these effects. For example, you can give two thumbs-ups to get a celebratory firework behind you. The video effects are compatible with any video conferencing application such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

With MacOS Sonoma, Safari also gets a lot of features. In terms of privacy, You can now Lock private browser windows When they are not in use. This feature prevents trackers from loading and removes URL trackers. Additionally, it is now possible to securely share passkeys and passwords with trusted contacts; Passkeys can be added and edited with everyone in the trusted contact list.

Also brings Safari”profiles” With macOS 14, this will help you keep your official profile separate from your personal one. Profiles help you separate your tab groups, extensions, web pages, and more. You can sign in to the same website with your personal or work account and quickly switch between them.

Also, web apps are finally supported on Mac! With web apps, you can place your frequently used websites in the dock for quick access. Select “Add to Dock” from the File menu, edit the name to your liking, and click “Add” to successfully create a web app from your favorite website. You can create a web app for any website you want.

Last but not least, MacOS Sonoma will bring iOS 17 features like live stickers in messages, predictive text, document autofill, support for passkeys, the ability to use an iPhone’s camera as a Mac webcam, and more.

macOS Sonoma: Release Date

Apple has already started rolling out the MacOS 14 developer beta and confirmed that it will be a public beta. Released in July. An official stable MacOS Sonoma release is scheduled for 2023, probably in October. Finally, here is the full list of Mac devices receiving the macOS Sonoma update:

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