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Apple Discontinues “Hey Siri” – Gets a New Name

Apple Discontinues “Hey Siri” – Gets a New Name

At WWDC 2023, Apple officially announced the iOS 17 system. This new system comes with some new features and upgrades. Click here for details. Apart from the new system, the company has also made some changes to the voice assistant. Apple has announced that the wake-up word to activate the Siri voice assistant has officially changed from “Hey Siri” to “Siri.” So, users can now use a new single word to wake up the voice assistant. However, the Siri word isn’t entirely new, it’s always been in the phrase “Hey Siri.”

Reason to stop “Hey Siri”

According to the latest version of the Apple Style Guide, the company has decided to stop using the phrase “Hey Siri”. Apple said the main reason for using “Hey Siri” in the past was because it was easier to activate the voice assistant with just two words using old engineering and training work.

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While cutting out a “Hey” and using only “Siri” seems simple enough on the surface, Apple said it made a lot of adjustments to the actual background processing and optimized the wrong touch in some situations.

What does this mean for the future?

While this may seem like a small change, Apple’s decision to ditch “Hey Siri” and adopt only “Siri” will have some ramifications for older users. No doubt it will take some time for users to get used to using only “Siri”. In the long run, it will be easier for users as it is just one word.

The use of a single word shows that the voice assistant is growing. There is now a system that can accommodate a single walk-up wake-up call. This is also a kind of guarantee that users will have a better Siri system.

Last words

Apple’s The decision to ditch “Hey Siri” and adopt just “Siri” reveals that the Siri system is growing. In the past, it was easy to wake up Siri with just two words. Now, the system can be activated with a single word. As always, Apple is committed to providing its users with the best experience possible, and this change is just one example of that commitment.

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