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Explained: Is India’s new Adidas test kit against ICC regulations?

Explained: Is India’s new Adidas test kit against ICC regulations?

India seem to be flouting the ICC’s dress-equipment rules during the Test series between the two teams, with their kits not conforming to the rules set by the governing body.

How does India violate clothing violations?

The ICC Rules detail the design of each nation’s Test jersey, including what is permitted in relation to the colour, designs and placement of commercial logos on all kits.

Here India seems to be breaking the rule regarding piping, which is usually an ornament made from a folded strip of cloth. According to the ICC, each team’s playing shirts may have colored piping no wider than 0.5 cm or 0.2 inches.

“Playing shirts shall be plain white/cream, with colored piping or trim permitted subject to the following restrictions:
• Piping width is limited to 0.5 cm (0.2 in).

India have been wearing the kit of athletic manufacturing giants Adidas since last month’s World Test Championship final against Australia. During the West Indies tour, Indian kits featured Adidas’ trademark three stripes piping on both shoulders. All three stripes appear to be wider than the permitted thickness and therefore do not conform to the ICC’s rules. The image below illustrates the difference between India’s kit and that of other Test nations.

It should be noted that India did not have the three stripes on the shoulder during the WTC finals, instead the logo was emblazoned on the right sleeve in accordance with the regulations of ICC events where sponsorship spaces on kits are limited.

West Indies Violating Clothing Violations?

It is not clear whether Windies’ jerseys will also be in compliance with ICC rules. According to the written rules, players’ names must be printed above the number on the back of the shirt.

“The names must be above the number on the back of the shirt and the letters used must be clearly legible,” ICC regulations state.

However, a diagram suggests that players’ names can be above or below the shirt number, with the West Indies opting to put them below.

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