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AI Weight Loss: Human Uses ChapGPT to Prepare Fitness Plan;  Lost 11 kg in 3 months

A guy named Greg Muschen, who didn’t like running, but was looking for a fitness plan, sought the help of ChatGPT to come up with a fitness plan for him. After three months, he not only became an avid runner, hitting the road six days a week, but also lost 11 kg. Greg now loves working out, which has made him fitter and healthier.

July 15, 2023 | 07:31 AM IST

Greg is on the run now His the habit

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New Delhi: AI is proving to be helpful in multiple ways. In order to save some money on a dietician, a person lost about 11 kg according to a diet plan created by ChatGPT.
Since Greg Muschen wasn’t open to the idea of ​​running, he enlisted the help of a chatbot to develop a healthy workout plan. After three months, not only was he running six days a week, but Greg loved the exercise and looked forward to his workouts, losing weight in the process.
According to Business Insider, Gregg was initially skeptical about accepting the help of AI, but he gradually grew to like the idea of ​​running.

Taking it slow and steady, Greg learned how to formulate a running plan that focused on moderate progress without overexertion. Greg has now made running his habit and says that in addition to losing weight, he has also been able to improve his fitness and overall health.

Greg’s run is regular

According to Greg’s Running Journey, the early stages of Greg’s workout plan did not include any running. On the first day, shoes are advised to be placed near the front door.

Also, even though he only ran for a few minutes, he felt a sense of accomplishment in completing it in the allotted time.

Slowly, Greg’s work hours and tasks increased, and he got better as he got used to running. By the end of the first month, Greg had overcome his dislike of running and completed all of his AI-prepared exercise tasks.

How did AI shape Greg’s fitness journey?

ChatGPT, according to media reports, has come up with a sustainable and practical plan that Greg can easily follow without getting bored or tired.

His plan focused on establishing fitness as a habit and gradually increasing the amount of running over time.

Additionally, Greg received guidance from ChatGPT to address issues that arose during his running routine.

Greg’s Diet Plan

In addition to the fitness routine, the AI-bot also developed a diet plan for Greg that included a balance of taste and nutrition. As Greg engaged in high-intensity workouts, ChatGPT advised him on balanced meals, portion control, and healthy food choices to supplement his weight loss journey.

Mushen received personal advice and virtual coaching from an online blog on the software.

Disclaimer: The tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be considered professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.

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