• Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
Twitter has announced a monetization plan for verified users

Twitter on Friday announced its revenue sharing program to allow verified users to earn revenue from ads posted in replies to users’ posts.

To qualify, users must be verified, get five million impressions in each of the last three months, and undergo a human review. The feature will be rolled out to a select group of users first before a wider launch.

“This means that creators get a share of advertising revenue from replies to their posts. “This is part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on Twitter,” Twitter’s website said of the new program.

Months ago, Twitter owner Elon Musk promised that verified users would be able to earn money from ads in replies to their posts.

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During a Twitter space interaction on Friday, Musk also discussed his new AI company, xAI, and said he will use public tweets to train his company’s AI models.

Musk has previously imposed tweet-reading limits on some users, accusing organizations of scraping his platform’s data for AI models and degrading the user experience.

ChatGPT-makers OpenAI and Google have faced lawsuits in the US over their data scraping practices, with authors and creators claiming the companies illegally used copyrighted works to train their AI models.

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