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‘Dhoom’ Movie Review: Fahadh Faasil directs a film that is not fogged by its message

the smoke It’s a film that leaves audiences confused as to where the anti-smoking public service advertisement that precedes every movie ends and the actual movie begins. Because the movie itself is a long public service advertisement about the ill effects of smoking. the smoke Struggling to live up to its higher purpose.

At the start of the film, Avinash (Fahd Faasil), the marketing head of a leading tobacco firm, comes up with the idea for anti-tobacco awareness ads with popular stars. The idea behind this is to have the opposite effect of the stated intention – which is to encourage more people to smoke. The concept succeeds as the company’s sales soar. But the smokeThe movie, on the other hand, will actually make people want to quit smoking, because no one would ever want to sit down like this.

Director Pawan Kumar made his debut with a Kannada film Lucia Entering the Malayalam industry over a decade ago through producer Homebale Films KGF and the franchise Kantara. When he uses a supernatural story to deliver a public service message U curveTrying a thriller with the smoke.

It starts very intriguingly with Avinash and his wife Diya (Aparna Balamurali) ending up as hostages in a deserted hilly terrain. They receive strange demands through phone calls. With no time to lose, they have to complete certain tasks to save lives.

Dhoom (Malayalam)

Director: Pawan Kumar

Actors: Fahad Fazil, Aparna Balamurali, Roshan Mathew, Vineeth

Duration: 144 minutes

Synopsis: The marketing head of a major tobacco firm and his wife are caught in a hostage situation over his past efforts to boost the company’s sales.

The non-linear narrative shifts between their efforts to escape the situation, to the past where Avinash climbs the ladder in a tobacco company run by Sid (Roshan Mathew). These are some of the interesting steps the smokeReminiscent of the 2005 movie Thanks for smoking. They demonstrate the methods companies use to convince new users and lobby the government for favorable policies. All is not well within the company and Sid’s uncle Praveen (Vineet) is upset about losing control of the company.

the smoke Mainly because of the scripting, especially the dialogues. A talented performer like Aparna makes us ask repeated questions over and over again. Many of the lines seem auto-generated rather than written with thought and emotion, which flattens the moving moments. Despite this, the thriller aspect of the film could have saved the day, but even that loses steam halfway through.

The film’s critique of profit at any cost is as strong as the protagonist’s conscience pricks when he sees children buying cigarettes during the day; As if the head of marketing of a tobacco company did not know this fact until then. the smoke It lives up to its title in the effect it has on the audience – a smoke, and nothing substantial.

Dhoom is currently running in theatres

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