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Minister jabs Jairam Ramesh for taunting PM while hanging airport ceiling

Minister jabs Jairam Ramesh for taunting PM while hanging airport ceiling

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the virtually new integrated terminal building on July 18.

New Delhi:

Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia this morning hit out at veteran Congress leader Jairam Ramesh and accused him of “sensation-seeking” by quipping about the “new India situation”. Mr. Scindia was reacting to the Congress leader’s tweet in which he mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over a section of false ceiling at the Andaman airport.

“The Prime Minister will inaugurate anything these days – even if it is unfinished or substandard infrastructure (highways, airports, bridges, trains etc).

Aspiring ministers are anxious to raise their Sensex with him.

It is the taxpayers and citizens who pay the costs.

Such a sad state of affairs in ‘New India’!” tweeted Jairam Ramesh, re-sharing visuals of parts of the roof of the Veer Savarkar International Airport hanging loose.

The structure is outside the terminal building, Mr. Scindia said, and claimed that a portion of the false ceiling was deliberately loosened for CCTV work.

“Later strong winds (around 100 km/h) caused the panels to sway as seen in the video. The false ceiling was restored after the work was completed.

Next time, instead of jumping the gun and seeking sensationalism, just seek an explanation,” the minister tweeted.

The false ceiling in front of the ticket counter outside the terminal building has been relaxed for CCTV work and final alignment adjustments, officials said on Sunday, news agency PTI reported.

The airport’s new integrated terminal, which is yet to be operationalized, was virtually inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi a few days ago.

“It is a minor incident. CCTV camera installation work was going on. The wiring of such cameras behind the panel needs to be done and there may be some rectification issues. We have addressed the issue, and the matter has been resolved,” an airport official told PTI.

Prime Minister Modi virtually inaugurated the new integrated terminal building at the Bir Savarkar Airport in Andaman and Nicobar Islands on July 18.

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