• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Android Auto 10.0 is now available: we tell you what its new design for Google Assistant looks like

Android Auto 10.0 is now available: we tell you what its new design for Google Assistant looks like

New design of Google Assistant for this Android Auto 10.0 is one of the important things that comes with the latest update of this software.

Android Auto 10.0 is officially here. Android Auto 10.0 beta was released a few days ago, but now a new update has arrived and you can try this new version of Android Auto which comes with many changes like the new design for Google Assistant.

It didn’t take long for Google to roll out a new update to Android Auto 10.0. Only two updates to Android Auto 10.0 have been released, and the second one introduced new design-level features that Google has prepared for Android Auto. Expectations are high and so far Google has not disappointed.

It’s interesting to check out the evolution of integrated Android Auto. The earlier versions of Android Auto had limited functionality, but now the integrated Android Auto has been able to gather many features that enhance the driving experience to levels never seen before.

If you want to try Android Auto 10.0, just enter the beta program. Installing the beta version of Android Auto 10.0 is not difficult. In fact, if you want to try Android Auto 10.0, the best thing you can do is to follow our guide explaining how to download and try this new version of Android Auto.

Android Auto 10.0 introduces a new design for Google Assistant

Android Auto 10.0 wants to give more importance to Google Assistant. Giving Google Assistant a greater presence in Android Auto has led Google to change the design of its integration. This change is very subtle and may actually go unnoticed since it’s something we’ve seen on mobile versions of Android.


Google Assistant in the bottom bar with the colors of Mountain View. Yes, Android Auto 10.0 now integrates Google Assistant in a similar way to the integration in mobile phones. When speaking, what happens on the screen is that it appears with blue, red, yellow and green colors.

Android Auto 10.0 still has a lot of news to show the world. This is just the beginning of what Google has in store for Android Auto, though we’ll have to wait and see what’s new. Install Android Auto 10.0 if you want to check out these new features, if you’re out of luck this redesign won’t take effect.

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