• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Apple Watch’s life-saving feat: Norwegian runner survived after fall
The Apple Watch’s impressive life-saving capabilities were once again on full display when it played a crucial role in saving a Norwegian runner. Robert Naes, a 59-year-old investment manager, met with a horrific accident during his run in Bergen, Norway. Thanks to the Apple Watch’s fall detection and emergency calling features, he got the help he needed quickly, ultimately saving his life.

Apple Watch: A life-saving companion

As he started his run on the outskirts of Bergen early in the morning, Naes, an experienced runner, unexpectedly slipped on a bend, which led to multiple fractures and a collapsed lung. In severe pain and shortness of breath, he is unable to reach his iPhone for emergency help. However, his quick thinking and presence of Apple Watch saved his life.

Instead of relying on the fall detection feature to activate, Nace took quick action and dialed the emergency rescue number directly through his Apple Watch. Thanks to this proactive response, an ambulance was immediately summoned to his exact location, ensuring quick assistance in a critical situation. In just 15 minutes, he was on his way to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

While waiting, Nace witnessed more than 100 cars pass by but was unable to signal for help due to safety concerns. The Apple Watch’s discreet emergency calling capability proved invaluable in this life-and-death situation.

Expressing his gratitude after receiving medical attention, Nace highlighted that due to his critical condition, the device’s immediate response was paramount in saving his life.

Adding to the growing list of lives saved

The Apple Watch’s life-saving capabilities are impressive as it adds yet another incident to its growing list of rescues. Known for its fall detection and accident detection features, this remarkable smartwatch has won accolades for saving lives in various situations. Previous examples include helping a man with life-threatening internal bleeding and helping a woman in Cincinnati with a high-risk blood clot.

Apple Watch’s unwavering commitment to user safety and well-being has cemented its position as a popular choice for individuals seeking smart wearable devices with advanced vital indicator monitoring capabilities.

With each new account of the Apple Watch’s life-saving interactions, its importance is reaffirmed, becoming more than a smartwatch and a powerful tool for personal safety. Assured to millions of users worldwide, the Apple Watch stands as a beacon of safety and peace of mind during unexpected emergencies.

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