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Apple Design Awards 2023 Winners Announced

Apple Design Awards 2023 Winners Announced

The annual Apple Design Awards celebrate 12 best-in-class apps and games on the App Store in 6 categories, from inclusion to engagement and innovation. Here are this year’s winners.


App: Universe – Website Builder

Universe is a simple and easy-to-use website builder that helps users create their own websites. There are many customization options with the ability to add an online storefront, community page or a personal website. The app supports dynamic type and voice over for disabled users.

Universe – Website Builder and Stitcher.

Game: sewing

Apple Arcade title Stitch. Winner for Best Game in the Inclusivity category. Brings the calm and meditative art of embroidery into a game format with progressively more difficult designs. The game supports multiple languages ​​and accessibility options for users with color blindness, low vision and motion sensitivity.

Fun and entertainment

App: Duolingo

The established language learning app won this year’s Delight and Fun category, thanks to its advanced gamified approach to language learning that keeps users engaged.

Duolingo and Afterplace

Game: The place after

Afterplace is a role-playing indie game with intuitive one-hand controls, a vintage look, and a deep storyline. The title offers fun surprises and lots of hidden rewards for players to discover.


App: flying

Flight offers passengers detailed flight tracking, airport navigation and delay forecast. It keeps a tab on your flight miles and brings beautiful widgets, Siri shortcuts, and real-time actions to help travelers stay on track on their next trip.

Flight and Rail

Game: Railway

Railbound puts you in control of a wide array of train journeys, as you control the track layouts and their directions. The game offers little insight into how you’ll progress through levels that surround you for hours at a time.

Social impact

App: Headspace

Headspace is the winning app in the social impact category. It offers users easy-to-follow instructions on how to meditate, improve sleep, improve concentration and reduce the stresses of everyday life.

Headspace and Ending

Game: Ends

Endling is a side-scroller eco-conscious adventure where you control a mother fox and her cubs in an environment filled with pollution and human activity. The game shows the true nature of human action in nature through the eyes of a wild animal with a touching storyline and powerful message.

Visuals and graphics

App: Any distance

Any Distance is a workout tracking app that focuses more on designing and sharing your workout routes through dynamic graphics. It offers a competitive element with collectable medals.

Any distance and Resident Evil Village

Game: Resident Evil Village

Capcom’s legendary Resident Evil franchise has finally arrived on the Mac, offering the most realistic graphics to grace the Mac gaming scene to date.


App: SwingVision: The AI ​​Tennis App

SwingVision uses AI to serve as a tennis coach, helping you perfect every aspect of your game, from your serve to your backhand. It uses video tracking to evaluate your movements and offer tips on how to improve your game.

SwingVision: AI Tennis App and Marvel Snap

Game: Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a turn-based card game.

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